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What is the No Name Group Project


The No Name Group Project is dedicated to individual participation in furthering, theorizing and developing information on a Stateless Society. To that end, your participation is most welcome.

The No Name Group is me and you. Everyone, contributing their thoughts to the development of ideas that will advance the understanding of an anarchist society. It is an incremental group that has no hierarchical structure, but instead places as much emphasis as possible on the participation of each member. To become a member, you just declare that you are one. Pretty easy.

We Need YOUR Participation

The easiest way to contribute right off the bat is to send a message with the RSS to any feeds of yours. These get added to the Member Feeds section right away.

Submit anything you have written and add it to our Articles section. Just go to the left hand side where is says, "Add A Page" and put in the title. When the page comes up, put in the body of your article. When you have it looking how you want it to (you can preview it with the "Preview" button on the bottom of the page) hit save. Once it is saved, go to where it says "+ Options" and than select, "Parent". Make the parent Articles (once you start to type in Articles, it will give you a box to choose it from). It is that easy to add a page.

Other options you can list pages as; Research (this is the wiki style portion of the site); From The Web (if you find an article on the web that should be included on this site, this is what it goes under); and Videos. Once the pages are created, choose the appropriate category for them and make the name of that category the Parent Page.

If you find a red link in an article or anywhere else, click on it. It will take you to a page with the option to "Create Page". You can choose the "Research" template from the drop down box under the title. It will give you a basic outline to work from. Once you have saved it, set the "Parent" to "Research". If you want to help with research pages you can also go to the bottom where it says, "Site Tools" and pick "Wanted Pages". You can click on anything in that list to add to the research portion of the page.

Don't worry about messing anything up. Don't worry about making mistakes. Everything can be fixed except for a lack of participation.

At the very least, rate the articles when you read them. This will help provide a general direction people are interested in seeing the group move toward.

The more YOU add, the better the site gets.

Historical Divisions

There have been historical divisions and even some recent divisions that have a different view of what a stateless society is or would be. This site takes a pluralistic approach to the matter. As long as the idea is to create and maintain a stateless society, your contributions are needed to further the dialog.

Lets try to avoid taking exclusive positions on what a stateless society is and what it would become. All discussion is welcome and disagreement is the tool that will lead to a better refined approach. But attacks are not warranted or wanted.

Important Notes

Editing and Creating Pages

Articles are the work of the author and people should please refrain from editing the content. Editing the formating and links is fine in articles, but editing articles that are not yours will result in general bad feelings and possible actions. If you feel the need to critique or disagree with anything in an article, that is what the Forum is for.

If you create a page, please set the PARENT page for it. If it is just general information make the Parent page, Research (when you start to type it, a list will appear to choose it from.) If the page is an ARTICLE, set the parent page to Articles.

I have made a TEMPLATE for Research style pages. When you make a new page, under the TITLE it will have a drop down box. You can pick Research from there and it will give you a generic layout for Research pages.

Forum and Discussions

On the bottom of each page there is the option to DISCUSS what was on that page. If you have thoughts or comments on that page, that is the way to do it. When you click on the Discuss button it will take you to the Forum.

Invite Like Minded People

The more people that participate, the better the site will become. So be sure you Invite your like minded friends.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License